Don’t get SAD, get glad

We really need to work on January. All throughout November and December, life is filled with beautiful lights, glittering snow, Nutcracker shows, and red wine.  Then before we know it, the clock strikes midnight and we have to dump out the champagne, think of a New Year’s resolution, and drink up some kale juice.

When I first read about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) on an article online, I rolled my eyes and x-ed out of the page. Well, until I realized that I have a case of SAD.  I just spent the past three weeks interning at an insurance company – my first job in the “real world”.  When I drove to work at 7:30 in the morning, it was dark outside, and when I left at 5, it was dark again.  I quickly became exhausted, sick, and had little motivation to do anything but sleep. I bailed on friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and bailed on activities that I wanted to try out myself, like soul cycle and going on a walk with my dog.  At the end of my internship, I came to the conclusion that I can’t let SAD be an excuse to be sad! So this weekend, I put on a fuzzy outfit and tried some new ideas to make this SAD feeling go away.  Here are some ideas that I have been using:

  1. Start each day with something you look forward to.  For me, that definitely means food and a good drink.  I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve become a huge tea freak lately.  To warm myself up, I like to make a nice hot cup of green tea.  My favorite at the moment is the Kokomo Green from David’s Tea.  It’s fruity enough so you don’t need to add any sweetener, and it brightens the morning because it’s so refreshing.  It contains pineapple, papaya, mango, rose petals, marigold petals, and cornflower petals.  If that list of ingredients could sound any more delightful, let me know.  If you’re not big on tea, try squeezing a lemon into some hot water.  How many times have you read that Victoria’s Secret models drink it every morning?  Go ahead, now’s the time to do it!
  2. Bring in some life to your life.  Winter is often related to cold… and death… how pleasant!  So I bought some little succulent plants to put in my window.  They pretty much don’t die, and it’s nice to see some green around (besides that kale juice I mentioned earlier).   If you have a pet, give them some extra love.  Maybe they’re experiencing SAD as well.
  3. Play some new music.  I’ve been listening to Vance Joy (Just saying – I discovered Rip Tide before everyone else… I’m a hipster accept it) and his music is perfect for snuggling up on a cold day and drinking that warm tea.  I’m also enjoying “The Long Way Around” by Jackson Browne.  If you have a favorite playlist that you’ve forgotten about, put that on repeat.
  4. Treat yo self.  Okay this might not be the best advice, but as a materialistic shopaholic, retail therapy is a legitimate therapy for me.  However, the trick is to buy items that will last, and that aren’t to show off.  Maybe I didn’t need that $35 Dior lipstick that I bought last week, but every time I pull it out of my purse I feel slightly more glamorous than the “business casual” outfit I scrounged together in my morning slumber.  Treating yourself can come in forms other than spending money.  I also created some homemade face masks (try mixing warm honey with a spoonful of nutmeg and leave in on your face for 10 minutes.  Amazing.) that were free and allowed me to wind down and calm my mind.  Most importantly, when you treat yo self, make sure you take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge it.
  5. Get outside and get moving.  I know, I know.  Not something that’s easy to do in 5 degree weather.  Some ideas to make it easier on yourself:
  • Walk to that cute coffee shop before work (maybe to try some new tea?).
  • Try to get the treadmill at the gym that’s next to a big window, or if you have one at home, move it next to a big window!  Pretending you’re outside is good enough.
  • Call up a friend and suggest that you meet up to go shopping at an outdoor mall, cute shopping street, etc.  That way you can go outside in intervals!

So that was a load of advice, but it is worth a consideration.  For today’s outfit, it’s all about comfort.  When I was younger, I used to cry when my mother dressed me in turtlenecks.  Now I can’t get enough of this one. It’s so soft, a lovely oatmeal color blend, and so roomy.  These pants are called “Sateen Jeans”, and I would hardly consider them jeans.  They’re a soft, smooth texture to combat the chunkiness of the sweater.  They’re also thin and stretchy and feel like leggings.  These black booties have been my everything this winter because they make any outfit look about 15% more chic.  I’m obsessed with this Rebecca Minkoff purse.  It’s structured, professional looking, but trendy because of the matte black finish.  Thank you for reading, and I hope your SAD turns to HAPPY.


Sweater: Free People

Vest: J. Crew

Jeans: Anthropologie (J Brand)

Booties: Nordstrom BP

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Shades: Ray Ban

Ring: David Yurman

Bracelet: David Yurman