I love driving more than anything.  I have control of where I go and feel untouchable.  The mystery of only being able to see the outside of the world makes my imagination run wild.  For the first two years of college, I wasn’t allowed to have a car on campus.  The small city of Providence was distant and detached from my life.  I stayed within the perimeter of the campus bubble, because I was still getting used to this new environment.  This year, I brought my beloved Jeep to school and began some small explorations.  First the grocery store, then a nearby lake to go for runs, then a downtown juice bar.  Each time I go for a drive, I see a new building and travel down a new street.  The houses in downtown Providence are quaint, close together, and unique.  In learning more about my tiny city, I realized that it’s important to look around, wherever I may be.  Sure, someday I would love to travel to Australia and Ireland and Rome, but for now, Providence has hidden treasures of its own that impress me every day.DSC01050 DSC01059 DSC01062 DSC01064 DSC01067 DSC01072 DSC01073 DSC01074 DSC01077

Sweater  – ASTR (Nordstrom)

Jeans – Joe’s Jeans

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Necklace – Claire’s

Hat – Urban Outfitter’s

Bracelet – Ettika

Shoes – Vans


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